Daniel García Peinado


Professionally, I grew up at La Cónsula, Professional Culinary School of Málaga, 2001-2002 academic year and this last year I travelled to Manchester (England) to professionally work
as a Chef de partie at a 4-star hotel, where I learned the language as well as the Anglo-Saxon culinary concept. This journey took me a year and afterwards, I came back home to Málaga where I have worked at different restaurants in the capital city. My need to be trained in all culinary aspects led me to work at Martín Berasategui Restaurant (*** Michelin stars, in Lasarte, San Sebastián, Spain) so that I could expand my knowledge, participating in all kitchen stations for three months.

When I got back, I studied nutrition and dietetics to get in touch with food values and their composition (as well as studying a Degree in Tourism at the UNED, the National Distance Education University in Spain) fact which will determine the course of my gastronomic trend in the future.

After several prestigious hotels in Málaga, such as Hotel Molina Lario or Holiday Hydros, in 2012, I started working at the Vincci Selección Aleysa *****, at its restaurant Alamar; where until June 2016, I was able to put into practice all the concepts that I´d learned throughout my professional career. I am currently creating my own culinary project.

The last award we have just received is due to our Gastrolive Lab (EVOO cooking R+D
laboratory) in Greece and we obtained the the Second Silver Prize for Research and Development with our Gastrolive Lab at the Olympia Health and Nutrition Extra Virgin Olive Oil International Congress.

EVOO Cooking specialisation

In January 2013, I met Doctor José Antonio Amérigo by chance, and thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit; he was able to show me more about the nutrition and dietetics world and its health benefits. This is when the health-nutrition pairing became the main concept of my cooking. He discovered that in Extra Virgin Olive Oil there is a substance that not many people knew and, above all, that it had not been appreciated yet: Oleocanthal. Thanks to this “rediscovery” we were able to contact other professionals who had found a similarity between oleocanthal and ibuprofen. On his trip to Italy, where he was invited by scientists, he tasted an oil with a bitter aftertaste on the palate reminded him of a medicine he was analysing for the Monell Center (where he is the President and the expert on the sensory organs). At that moment, and loaded with a few litres of the “gold liquid”, he embraced the adventure and analysed those two components providing a proven evidence: 4 spoons of EVOO rich in oleocanthal is equal to 250 ml ibuprofen (in vitro); José Antonio understood its importance and he convinced Gary to come. This is when several actions related to health and gastronomy were combined to create the Andalucian Oleocanthal Society and soon afterwards, the Oleocanthal International Society at Zakynthos (Greece). These facts marked a milestone in several aspects of my cooking, where the common denominator would be Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To appreciate this great product, I started to change my outlook, integrating it as the main ingredient. Thus, I embraced the national culinary competition with two goals: to learn other ways of cooking and in situ experience of my colleagues, proper use of it in their cooking, and to demonstrate the added value of cooking with this new “colour palette” of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.


In March 2013, I won the award at Tapa de Benalmádena and this same year, I obtained several finalist prizes: the National Prawn Competition Langostino de Vinarós, Tapa de Valladolid, the Protected Designation of Origin Olive Oil National Competition in Priego de Córdoba in 2014, with the second award at Tapa de Málaga. At the same time, we are progressing in the research of the proper use of EVOO to preserve all its sensory and organoleptic qualities, highlighting even more its use in professional cuisine, which leads us to 2015, the year when I took a leap in gastronomy with my cooking team, winning us 5 national awards:

  • 1st prize at the National Competition Granadas de Elche (Susi Díaz, one-Michelin star)
  • 2nd prize at the International Competition La Gamba Roja de Dénia
  • 1st prize at the National Competition Ajo de las Pedroñeras
  • 1st prize at the Mediterranean Cuisine Competition at Andalucía Sabor
  • 1st prize at the National Prawn Competition Langostino de Vinarós

All our courses are created by and for EVOO which takes us on the right path, making Extra Virgin Olive Oil even more valuable.

Combining these events, I did several papers on the proper use of EVOO at different exhibitions like at AOVESOL, the Professional Culinary School in Benahavís, the Professional Culinary Heliópolis in Seville and at the exhibition Sabor a Málaga 2015 with the EVOO ambassador who is Doctor Francisco Lorenzo Tapia, the President of OLEARUM.

This same year, we signed an agreement with the Department of Bromatology at the University of Granada and Grupo Horeca to analyse recipes and better understand what
scientifically happens with EVOO and its minors components. This R+D together with the OIS scientists, allowed us to keep researching in the olive oil world and made me get to the final round of the prestige International Award Jaén Paraíso Interior focused on EVOO at the conference Madrid Fusión 2016.

In February 2016 and thanks to Gary Beauchamp (Monell Center), Eric Tangalos (Mayo
Clinic) and the OIS, we organised several conferences to promote EVOO rich in oleocanthal, cooking at Mayo Clinic, Monell Center Institute or the University of Drexell, visiting Minneapolis, Rochester, Philadelphia and New York, sparking interest in the American audience. The last recognition we have just received is in the culinary guidebook Condé Nast Traveller 2016 supported by Joan Roca.

Last prizes from 2015 to 2016

  • As a member of the Spanish Cooking Selection, a bronze medal in the Regional Equipment Category in the events of Culinary Art and Certificate of Olympic Achievement in Pastry Art. IKA/Culinary Olympics; Erfurt (Germany), 2016.
  • Second Silver Award for Research and Development in Gastrolive Lab on Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the Olympia Health and Nutrition International Congress; Greece, 2016.
  • Third National Cooking Award of Villarcayo, 2016.
  • Gastronomic conference to promote the EVOO at Mayo Clinic (Rochester), Monell Center (Philadelphia) and the University of Drexell (Philadelphia).
  • Finalist at Bocados con Queso (cheese competition) at the exhibition Madrid Fusión 2016
  • Finalist at the International Award Jaén Paraíso Interior at the exhibition Madrid Fusión 2016
  • Speaker at the exhibition Sabor a Málaga 2015
  • Second prize at the competition Maestros de la Tapa Cruzcampo 2015
  • Member of the Spanish Cooking Selection 2015

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