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Olive OilColour Palette

The common denominator and base of my cooking style is Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), in which temperature plays a main role, and similarly to how a master oil milliner looks after the temperature of the mixture or the olives in order to prevent fermentation; the thermometer is my ally. This ensures all minor components which provide a different charm to each oil are present, which also provide us with so many anticancer or antioxidant properties, and keeps them from breaking down in the process.

My mission is to make each dish, contain all the healthy components present in EVOO, using the techniques and culinary avant-garde at our Gastrolive Lab, which is a culinary space, created to research and develop our inspirational sources with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
This space is also used for masterclasses designed to promote the use of EVOO among professionals, doctors or even housekeepers.

Technical aspects ofEVOO

On a gastronomic, technical and conceptual level, I think we must update Spanish cookbooks because of the technological evolution of EVOO in its manufacturing process: from the introduction of new equipment used at olive groves to oil mills and harvesting. This change has allowed better EVOO to be produced than before; and as chefs we were compelled to understand and use them in our cuisine, creating harmony in our dishes with this main element of the Mediterranean diet.